Built for urgent needs

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We've designed Fruitspot for that moment when you need to find a buyer or seller, fast

We're also great platform to find new partners, but we shine most when you have excess or shortage in products and need help right away.

Fruitspot is the best place to solve immediate issues, access new markets, or test new partners.


Save hours of work

Save hours of calling and emailing - with Fruitspot, all it takes is two minutes. Just ask what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll let the right people know.


Step one

Notify potential buyers or sellers. Search for a product and fill some basic details about your need. We’ll notify the right potential buyers or sellers.

Step two

Review and compare offers. Within a few hours, you’ll start receiving offers which you can easily compare and negotiate in one easy screen.

Step three

Confirm and close the deal. Once you’ve agreed on details and terms, just confirm the deal and download a full set of documentation for your records.


More than just a marketplace

Negotiate better deals

Fruitspot can help you find and negotiate better deals - not only do we get you more opportunities in fewer hours, but we'll provide you the right tools and information when you need it the most.

Design is where we stand out - Fruitspot is fast, obvious to use, and pretty handsome if we might say so.

Traditionally, it's hard to manage a few negotiations at the same time. With Fruitspot, you can compare and negotiate everything in one easy screen. We'll also provide you market prices, volumes and a newsfeed, so you have a clear view of the market when you need it the most.


Expand your network

Locations with Fruitspot Country Managers

Fruitspot is also a global network of buyers and sellers - that's how we unleash a world of opportunities for you to connect and trade in the spot market.

Just ask for what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll send a notification to the right users within the network. We'll send you a notification if others ask for products you buy or sell, so you never miss a market opportunity.

To help you trade with confidence, every user has a rating, which we verify every day. If a user falls under three stars, we'll suspend their account until we get any issues fixed.


Get help, anytime you need it

We understand that solving urgent needs takes more than finding who to trade with. There’s quality, safety, logistics, regulation, and a ton of other things to deal with. We’ve covered that too - we have a support center to help you solve any issues and answer any questions. Just call or email us anytime you need help.

We do the calling for you

Our support team also makes sure you always get responses from other users - if you haven't heard back from the network within a few hours, we'll start making calls to get you responses and offers.


Know what's available, today

What makes Fruitspot unique is how fast we get you meaningful answers. We're the place to find what's actually available in the market, right now


Free to join, no strings attached

Fruitspot is free to join and free to use - we provide free access to the marketplace, verified network, and support center and only charge a service fee (two cents per dollar traded) if and when we help you buy or sell a product. Discounts are available.